"What to do.."

(dreamerswind) "You will kneel."

"What makes you think I will bow down to you child?"


A heart of Steel


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Your muse walks in while mine is bent over to pick something up, causing them to get a nice, long look at their ass. How does your muse respond?




Okay. So after talking to a few people about some of the concerns going on with the ‘bad face’ of the DW/SW/WO fandom, it was pretty much decided that I would say something for those that don’t want to or are afraid to. 

Roleplaying is not about dating. 

Koei Masterlist (and all of its 8 Admins) have been working hard to work with not just those affiliated, but with the entire fandom to get people who feel left out playing with others and even more popular blogs. They have offered to be reblogging starters from anyone who tags from. However, we’re still running into the same issue:

"I want someone to play with me!"

10 starters pop up

"….Not /those/ people."

Generally what they mean is
"I want a hot guy to play with my muse”

There are enemies, friendships, acquaintances, battles, comradarie, rivalry, hatred, loathing, revenge, all SORTS of things that you could be playing out. Get someone to beat the crap out of your muse for all I care. But rp is not about love relationships. 

Your character is in a relationship with another? GREAT! I’M HAPPY FOR YOUR MUSE! But that’s just one path. One journey. Please, consider rping with those outside of that circle. 

Because if you’ve seen all of those starters with -no- replies made to them and then you post something along the lines of: 

:C No one plays with me

You honestly have no one to blame but yourself. 

  • Another Point is Mun-Business

Okay so a lot of us, like myself, have long hours that we work and countless drafts. School can do the same thing. Drafts become our #1 priority, but sometimes we get wrapped up in new ideas too. But there’s something very important to remember about this, too. 

Roleplaying is not about popularity

It’s about having fun

With that being said, there’s another piece here:

Yes, you rp your muse

but all threads and everything going on is not about your muse

Read threads equally if you can, understand what is going on in other muses’ lives and contact the mun if you can to see if you can plot. It can make for something interesting!

But going back to my original point: 

Things aren’t going to fix themselves if people don’t make the changes.


Who is your favorite character in the Dynasty Warriors series?
http://worldcosplay.net/title/12003/ & http://en.curecos.com/title/pictures?title_master_id=126

Liu Bei(Dynasty Warriors 4) by RURIN http://en.worldcosplay.net/photo/967480/

Lu Bu(Dynasty Warriors 6) by Lady Squalala http://en.worldcosplay.net/photo/777647/

Nu Wa(Dynasty Warriors 3) by Maki Eraclea http://en.worldcosplay.net/photo/193409/

Wang Yuanji(Dynasty Warriors 7) by Ha ne http://en.worldcosplay.net/photo/1482666/

Diao Chan(Dynasty Warriors 8) by ryouko http://en.worldcosplay.net/photo/1043476/

Lu Xun(Dynasty Warriors 8) by kouta http://en.worldcosplay.net/photo/1534041/

Yuki: Come on Koei. I want my gurl Nuwa to have a Christmas outfit. She can be festive.


Yuki: Don’t look at me like that,Nuwa


Some Christmassy updates in the baidu thread today!






"Never mind."

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"And why should I?"